Sunday, November 27, 2011

a thanksgiving feast

i never thought about giving ollie a thanksgiving dinner until i saw a friend on facebook give her dogs a few (healthy) treats from their thanksgiving meal. i thought it was super cute, and hey, why not? i know i've been trying to cut back on the amount of table food ollie eats (cutting back on the snacks and his favoite: ani's sweet bread) but i still give him chicken and fruits and veggies.... so i figured this meal would be ok:

it's pretty much dog food (acana- wild prairie, plain fresh green beans, frozen peas, & chicken) he also had a little pumpkin puree...which he looooved.

i think the green beans were a weird texture for him, but he ate them. he loved the peas, and of course he has always loved carrots! and wow, he went nuts over the pumpkin! i thought it was fun for him and for me :)

hope you all had a great and wonderful thanksgiving weekend! ollie and i are off to go walk off all the food we ate :)


  1. lucky ollie!
    Darwin isn't a fan of vegetables. Especially whole ones. If it's in her food mix (vegetables run through the food processor)she'll eat it, but any big chunks she'll leave in the bowl.