Friday, February 13, 2015

sunday funday

more lizard hunting happening...
"i'll find them!"

I'm so happy!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

i woke up like this

yup....this is how Ollie gets your attention when he wants you to wake up...he sits on your face.  quite effective, actually.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Lazy days

some days, Ollie just wants to sleep all day...

nama'stay in bed

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

{a post by ollie} my birthday

hi everybody! ollie here! i had the best birthday this year and now mommy is letting me take over the blog to tell you guys all about it!!!

first i woke up,  and my mommy and daddy both wished me happy birthday and i got a great breakfast of dog food, chicken & cheese! yum!

then because i had to share my day with something called the super bowl (i think it's like the puppy bowl, but with hoomans),  i had a little super bowl fun:

i'll go with these guys...

i was wrong, but that's ok.  it was still fun to pick!  after that, i opened my presents:

what is it? what is it?

omigosh it's making noise!

i got me a new bag and new shirt, and a toy cake! the cake even sings happy birthday to me! i loved it!  after that,  my mommy was baking something in the kitchen while i took a little birthday nap. then it was time to go to my grandma and papa's house! i was so excited! i got to play outside:

i love the outdoors!

barking at my fishy friends

it is I, sir ollie pollie!

and then i noticed mommy had disappeared, so i went inside to check what mommy was doing:

whatcha doing in there mommy?
i love my mommy!

ooh, pup-cakes for me!

she was baking again, but this time it was for me she said! i was excited!  it was my very own pup-cake in a portion that was small like me! it was so yummy i gobbled it up right away!

i'm so excited!

I played outside for awhile longer and i went on TWO walkies! grandma took me on a walkies, and mommy took me on one too! i felt so special! walkies are one of my favorite activities!

then i went inside to open my presents:
i love opening presents!

grandma got me two different types of breath freshening treats.  i think she's trying to tell me something...and i did have to have a bath...but i didn't mind because i always get told how handsome i am after i bocha :P
then after my bath i went to my other papa and grandma's house.  i got to eat sweet potato and they bought me my very own cake!

for me?!?!

when they took the cake away to get cut up, i couldn't take my eyes off of it:

hey guys, where you going with my cake?!?

this was a people-cake so i'm only allowed very tiny nibbles, but i still love it all the same!
i feel so special and loved! i had the best birthday ever!

Sunday, February 1, 2015


ollie is FIVE years old today! that makes him older than me in dog years, and that makes me so incredibly sad. lol.


ollie + his presents

he loves his cake toy!