Thursday, November 28, 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

trash can be very entertaining...

it's amazing what can entertain a dog...I took Ollie by the state capitol the other sunday, and while there are normally a good amount of fish and ducks, there were none (I think they were hiding) when we went. instead we encountered a lot of wind (which made great rippling in the water that Ollie loved) and a lot of trash in the water (probably left from the same sex marriage crowds earlier in the week)....
needless to say, Ollie was captivated by the big chunk of cardboard left floating in the water. he didn't want to leave it. I wonder if he thought it was a big fish....
after his romp around the state capitol, it was back home for a bath, followed by his favorite post-bath activity: humping lumpy....I have no idea why this is his go to activity. lol...
then it was time for a nap....all that excitement really tires him out.

what is that?!?!

what's this fun thing in the water?!?!
bocha time!

lumpy time!

sleepy time!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

New toys

How fitting that the day after Halloween Ollie breaks his Halloween toy...but in walks his friend from our accounting office with a new toy for him!

How lucky! He was ecstatic!
my toy broke :(
yay! new toy! let's play!
I shall name you, green monster!

Monday, November 18, 2013

No barricades please!

This past Halloween we went to my parents new house to see if there were a lot of trick-or-treaters (hardly any), but their realtor did stop by to have them sign some papers...Ollie does not like her so we had to keep him in the bedroom.

Ollie hates being separated from the action and the chance to bark at those he doesn't like...

I know she's there! I can smell her!

i'm not giving up!

what's taking so long?

mama, what's taking so long? lemme at her!