Monday, November 21, 2011

ollie met santa paws

last christmas, i discovered too late that there was a santa paws! ollie missed his chance to see santa, so i made sure that this year we went right away! the first weekend santa was at the humane society...and it was crowded!!! i think we waited about 1 hour to take a picture, and there was another 1/2 an hour wait for your disc. there were booths set up (dog product booths), but no one was really looking at them...
ollie kept himself occupied by meeting new friends:

"hello shiba inu! i like your santa clothes! i wish my grandma would get one like you for her new house!"

"hello white dog! you kinda look like my friend lexi, only a lot bigger! did you see that HUGE labradoodle behind you?!? he just got snapped at by a mean jack russell!"

"peanut!!!! my girlfriend!"

peanut didn't take pictures with santa...she only likes to be held by her mommy and daddy....they didn't want to risk peanut biting santa. LOL

"hi doggy! you look like kooper! are you going to sit on santa's lap?"

and finally, here's ollie's picture with santa paws and mrs paws:

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  1. That is such a cute picture with Santa! We took Darwin one year and our Santa wasn't as authentic looking (fake beard). Jason's not convinced on doing it again. hahaha