Wednesday, December 29, 2010

happy holidays from ollie!

hi everyone!
did everyone have a good christmas? i did! i got lots of presents--new clothes, new toys, and LOTS of treats! i LOVE opening presents! it's so much fun! Thank you to my doggie friends, dotchi, karlee, kooper, and spunky! and to my family for all the presents! i can't wait until next christmas!
my mom is worried about new years eve, because fireworks scare the bajeezus out of me. she's already got a whole arsenal of things to help me not be scared AND my dad is gonna stay home with me! yay!
hope you have a happy new year!
thanks for reading!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

pet toy insurance

we always joke that ollie is racking up a large toy-repair surgical bill. he likes got gnaw on the same parts of his toys. ears, legs, mom sews everything back together. especially on his favorite toys. his favorite being, RACOON.

Poor racoon no longer has any ears, and his one paw should be amputated, but it's just a lot shorter than the others. hahaha. poor guy is dying a slow death.
this was just the other day...

we thought we'd buy a replacement racoon for when the current one can no longer withstand any more "surgeries"....WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

scared ollie pollie

ollie did so well during 4th of july that i wasn't worried about new years eve...until now.
i don't know what changed, but now he's positively scared of fireworks. someone started setting off fireworks last night around 630pm and again at 7pm....ollie was so scared he started shivering until about midnight. he would hide under chairs, behind your feet, in cupboards, behind the bed.....he was so scared.
i don't know what changed between july and july he didn't even seem to notice the loud booming noises, but now he jumps and shakes.

so i've been told several things...
mild tranquilizer...
rescue remedy...has anyone tried this???
thunder shirts...i can't find one small enough.. :(

comments? suggestions?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

day care!

Ollie spent friday at the groomers/day care (fur love)!
I had a company Christmas party on friday, and ollie unfortunately couldn't attend, so he went to the groomers and stayed the day for day care. i was a little worried (i'm such a worry wort mom!) that he wouldn't like staying all day but boy was i wrong! When i went to pick him up the other dogs rushed to the door to see who came in, ollie was one of the last of the pack, just following the group...he could care less who came in he was too busy following the pack then he glanced up and saw me, and just seemed to look like, "oh, it's my mommy!" then he pushed his way through to the gate...

doesn't he look like a puppy again?!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The other day i was wrapping christmas gifts, while ollie "helped"...and by helped, i mean, sniffed, licked and walked over the wrapping and gifts. then i noticed it got really quiet. where was he? on the couch....first he wasn't allowed on the couch...then he could sit on the couch but he had to be on a blanket (notice the blanket is there, but he's not on it)

after awhile i turned to look to see if he was still there.
he wasn't.
i started looking all over the apartment for him, starting to get a little worried, then i heard his bell jingle from the couch...but he wasn't there...
or was he?
he was hiding behind the pillows!

"here i am mom!"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

blue bunny

no, not the ice cream...
ollie's toy that he picked out himself from petco.
they like to stick close to each other...

my mom tied the bunny to him just to see what he'd do,
we figured that he'd hate it since he doesn't like his backpack, but blue bunny was like that all afternoon! hahahaha.