Wednesday, February 23, 2011


this past sunday was reunited with his foster mama and his 1/2 brudder, Hugo {same doggie mommy} i have never seen ollie play with another dog that way before. they were literally attached at the hip, it was the cutest thing ever!

they definitely need to see each other more often! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy love day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope your day is filled with love.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"pink juice"

ollie went to the vet this morning.

{on a side note, while at the vet we saw a hot dog-dog there that was having problems giving birth...2 puppies came out, the rest were still in her...only 1 of the 2 born was there. it was SO teeny tiny and adorable! it could fit in the palm of your hand}

ollie has always reverse sneezed every now and again, but lately it has become much more frequent, longer, and sounds more watery and congested. so today we took him to the vet just to make sure everything was ok. He's also been having cloudy eye-gunk as well.

As suspected...he has allergies, just like his mama. but nothing too severe that they felt the need to give him any type of medication. BUT he did have a slight temperature, so just to be safe, he was given some antibiotics (that i like to refer to as "pink juice")---which he loves, thank God!

fun stat: ollie weighs 4.25 pounds

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

birthday park-ty

as you can see, i found my camera adapter (yay!) so now i can show you all the fun times ollie had at his first birthday park-ty! We went to the Hawaii Kai Dog park and he had a great time with his friends and made some new ones (i hope) as well.

Here he is playing with Dotchi and a new friend, lexi:

the laumadas came, but had to stay on the big-dog side....

kris and ben brought petey!

lori stole spunky for a picture. spunky doesn't like other dogs. when a new dog arrives all the dogs go to greet it, not spunky. no sir, he goes to greet the owners!

here's spunky's mommy!

ollie doesn't understand why karlee & kooper have to stay on the other side.

there's lori with her dog dotchi! he LOVES to play and probably had the most fun out of everyone!

girls on the small dog side!

after a much needed bocha, it was time to open presents!!! ollie loves to open presents, and he's actually really good at it too!

and that concludes ollie's birthday week! he had a great time and is so thankful for all his gifts and for all his friends that came to play with him! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

technical difficulties...

i lost my cord to upload pics to the computer...and i'm totally sad about it because ollie's birthday dog park adventure are all on my camera and he was really excited to share with everyone how much fun he had.
hopefully i'll find it soon!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a birthday recap part 2

And we're back with part two of ollie's birthday recap!

Ollie went to visit grandma and papa after work (even though he just saw them at work)...
and he got a makeshift dixie cup birthday hat. ahahahahaha.

after playing at one grandparent's house, he moved on to his other grandparent's house...i call this "doing his rounds". here he is wearing his birthday hat again:

no, we didn't get him a cake...i think even a little cupcake would've been too much for this little guy. i did try to go to the doggie bakery, but they only sold muffins in boxes of 4 (too much!) or one jumbo muffin (way too big!) so, that was a no-go. instead, we got him a little bit of frozen yogurt from menchis---plain tart. he tasted some yogurtland the other week and LOVED it, so we thought it would be a nice treat. i even put it in an ollie-sized cup!


then it was time for more presents! look at this little guy go!

he got 2 shirts. one that said "mama's boy" and another that said "get your nose away from my butt!" --that's for bula! hahahaha.
ollie loves to wear clothes :)
i think he had a great birthday. he's pooped today.

a birthday recap part 1

although it was ollie's birthday, he still had to go to work...
after a breakfast of dog food and an extra large portion of chicken, i gave him his favorite treat:
the stinky pizzle stick! my mom also got him a tasty treat:
(ollie loves to open presents! hahaha)
doggie beef jerky!

back to the pizzle...

ollie & mommy

ollie & grandma

then it was back to work!
"paycheck delivery!"

stay tuned for part 2...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today is Ollie Pollie's first birthday! i can't believe he's 1-year-old already!!! i'm a proud furbaby mama. He's such a ball of fun and fur...i mean hair.

Nolan and I went shopping this weekend for birthday treats for this little guy, and while i wasn't looking he took out his new toy out of the bag...i guess he decided birthday gifts can be opened early....
and in classic ollie fashion, he showed his new love to sock monkey by eating off his eyeballs.

I also got him a little treat to kick off his birthday week. he loves it. it's gone already.
it's only been his bday for 40 min and he could care less. he just wants to go to sleep....
stay tuned for more bday treats!

Happy Birthday Ollie!!!!