Friday, June 18, 2010

i scream, you scream...

we all scream for ice cream!
It was a co-worker's birthday today, so someone thought it would be fun to make homemade ice cream for the occasion. I was a-shakin and a-rollin that contraption and thought it would be fun to roll it on the ground by ollie. He seemed pretty interested in what was going on. poor guy couldn't have any though.

i was late in taking a picture of the end results, this is when most of it was already served...
btw, how do you like my mom's beach chair? she has one for home and work. She recently had hip replacement surgery and says that sitting on the ground, playing with ollie gets really uncomfortable---so she went out and bought a bunch of beach chairs!
of course ollie now thinks its his chair...

Monday, June 14, 2010

balcony safety...

So as most of you know we'll be moving into our new condo soon...sixth floor...not too high, but high enough.
The balcony has open railings, not a solid glass or concrete walls and i'm worried about Ollie's safety. He could easily fall through....
And my mom just had to go and tell me a story about how her friend's dog (also a yorkie) got past its owner and ran thru the door and ran through the railing bars and fell to the street below. SO SAD & SCARY!!!
The bad thing is the condo is so strict and we can't do anything to alter the appearance of the balcony...everything has to remain uniform w/the other units. So what can i do to make things safe that isn't TOO visible?
My friend said she uses chicken any of you know of other options?

first trip to the groomers

Ollie had his first visit to the groomers on Saturday!
I didn't really know where to go so i just searched yelp...found the #1 rated groomers, which is in walking distance from my workplace :) and decided to just give it a try. turns out my co-worker takes her bischon there too.
Beauty Salon For Doggies
1370 Kapiolani Blvd#104
Honolulu, HI 96814
groomer: Emi
This is what ollie looked like right before we dropped him off...
his hair had gotten so long!

i showed her a picture of what i didn't like...which was the face super short and the body looking like it was shaved....his face still came out pretty short, but still cute! nolan didn't even recognize him when we picked him up. i said "look! there's ollie!" and he's looking at ollie, but saying "where?!?! THAT'S HIM?!?!" it took some getting used to. he doesn't look like a puppy anymore. :(
he had a little bandana on when we picked him up :)
Emi and the other 2 ladies were super nice and sweet...
she said Ollie was really good and quiet and didn't squirm :) (yay!)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ollie's busy weekend!

Ollie had quite the busy weekend---i think he had more excitement than i did!
Friday Night: On friday night ollie came with us to Lowes to pick up some stuff for our new place, you can read and see more pics on our sixthfloorapartment bloggity blog.
he usually loves to go in his bag, but inside lowes, he wanted out. i think he just wanted to be nosy and look at everything. After lowes, Nolan (i was passed out in the car, so i was dropped off at home) took Ollie to play with Kelly's dog, Peanut. This was their second play date and they went CRAZY! i hear they were running and playing like crazy dogs and ollie was so tired he was panting so hard and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth! He also discovered Peanut's Innova puppy food and decided he doesn't like his own food anymore. (must go buy innova!)
Saturday: bocha day!!! we take ollie to nolan's parent's house to have a bath, they have a great outside sink area that's perfect for an ollie bath! After his bath he had a nice relaxing day at grandma & grandpa hee's house. We tried on his new harness which like all the others, are TOO BIG for him. but he had fun running in the grass. i think i need to buy a feret harness! everything is just way too big!
SUNDAY: sunday was a big day for ollie. he was going to stay home all by himself for the first time. hahaha. we dropped him off at gma&gpa hee's and he did really well! he even slept over that night. he went to sleep w/minimal barking and whining. this is good since he'll be spending the week there while we're in vegas (woop! woop!)
Monday was Memorial Day and he went w/gma & gpa to Valley of the Temples and went w/us around while we ran errands.