Friday, August 26, 2011

today is national dog day!

happy national dog day to my little ollie pollie.
my snuggle bunny.

dog's truly bring joy to your life. :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

anybody still there?

hi everyone!

are you still reading my mommy's blog? she's been very busy doing a lot of things for the wedding so i thought i would fill you in about what's been going on in my life. :)

  • my parents went on a preweddingmoon to lanai.

i got to stay over at my grandma & grandpa's house, which i love, but i was still upset that they left me. so, i did the mature thing and ignored them for 2 days when they came back.
  • i took a little spill friday morning, while in my mom was picking up the bag and the strap snapped and me and the bag went tumbling down. it was very scary, but i didn't get hurt. my mom was so scared and worried, but i told her "don't worry mom, accidents happen" and since she looked so worried, i thought i'd cut her some slack and stop ignoring her ;p

  • the other week, i had a play date with my friend dotchi and my new friend lexi. we played at dotchi's house and even went on a walk!

  • my aunty cara brought me back treats from vegas! yummy doggie fortune cookies, (that my dad almost ate!) and a mix to make pupsicles!!! my mommy made them and brought them over to my play date, everyone loved them...but me. but when i tried them again a few days later, i realized i loved them too!

just looking at them, i'm gonna ask my mommy for one today! :) i hope you liked my little recap of what's been going on. i hope there are still people reading this!!!

ollie pollie