Thursday, November 10, 2011

ollie & friends #1

ollie has so much toys...too much toys, actually. and while he plays with many of them off and on, there are only a few that he seems to really LOVE. these lucky few have been ripped apart and sewn back together many, many times. i thought i'd share one of them in a post every once in awhile...

today i introduce to you, Greggie the Whale. He's ollie's newest mom found it while she was clearing out the attic, and she threw it in ollie's toy basket. he was my whale when i was younger, given to me by my sister's friend, greg. (hence the name...i was such a creative kid ;p )

ollie likes to use him as a chin rest while he's in his bag, and it's his current favorite object to play fetch with.

in other news, ollie has reached a chubby wubby weight of 5 pounds! lol.

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