Friday, April 30, 2010

shots! shots! shots shots shots!

Ollie had 2 rounds of puppy shots at the same time on wednesday. The vet said he was kind of old (he started his shots late because he was so little) so he gave him both sets at once. poor little ollie was pooped out the rest of the day. but of course, at 1am he decides he's feeling MUCH better and wants to play...nolan slept in the bathroom for most of the night. after that night nolan was skeptical about ollie staying with us until we move into our pet friendly apartment (where he can cry & bark his little heart out)...luckily kelly convinced nolan to let ollie sleep out in the bedroom, and that seems to have solved the nighttime crying! :) (knock on wood)
ollie is still weighing in at 1.5 lbs.
i wonder why he's not gaining any weight?
the vet gave us some different puppy food and some vitamins to give him to see if it would help.
hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

you light up my life...

on the way home from family dinner on sunday we made a pit stop to introduce ollie to my grandma. i have never seen her face light up the way it did when she saw him. her smile was so big and she just looked like a little kid with a new toy. it was so nice to see. she loooved him. my grandma doesn't usually have strong reactions to things, she usually gives a small polite smile and says the usual "thank you" or "that's nice", so to see her smile so big and say things like "he's so cute!!!" and "ollie, do you want to come home with me?" was so so nice.don't worry, she's not choking him. he was really gentle with her and sat nicely in her lap.
i think we're going to have to bring him to her place to visit more often. :)
in other news:
christy informed me that ollie must've licked up some of my hair from the ground and was pooping it out last night. poor ollie! i just called the vet and they said it's not that uncommon and no need to rush him in...but still, poor thing!!! i feel so bad.

Monday, April 26, 2010

arigatoo gozaimaaaasu!

ollie recieved a gift from future doggie friend petey (and his mom&dad---kris and ben)

treats and toys! what more could a puppy ask for?!?!
i gave him one toy to play with and holding onto the other when the current ones get tattered.
he loves his little loofah dog toy!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


chase loves ollie. he calls him "my cousin ollie ollie pollie" (hence the web address origin).
their first encounter was a bit rough, chase accidentally stepped on ollie's ear and ollie was scared of him the rest of the day. this time went much better. we're trying to teach chase that he has to be much more gentle with ollie than he is with his "brother" bula, who is a very solid pug. Chase held ollie in his lap and got a kick out of ollie licking his finger.

Friday, April 23, 2010

ollie loves his dad

ollie absolutely loves nolan.
always giving him kisses and wagging his little tail and doing his "butt thang".
("butt thang": when he's happy and excited, he runs really weird with his butt out to the was kinda strange and i worried until i found out his half brother & mom did it too....)

he always wants nolan to play with him, and will bark to get his attention.
he's warming up nolan's cold heart :)
which is a good thing because he's a crying terror at night and being a suck up to dad helps keep nolan's temper down.
on another note,
he cries all night. i know we should for the most part let him cry but he's not supposed to be in the apartment...what do we do?!?!!?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a shoulder to...lay on?

Ollie seems to like to sit on people's shoulders.
kinda weird....but super cute, no?
if you put him on your lap he'll try to climb up by your shoulder/neck area.
please pardon my makeup-less, pajama wearing self.

Monday, April 19, 2010

an interesting night

we had a little smuggle the doggie into the apartment test run this weekend.
we picked ollie up saturday afternoon and he spent the night w/us....
and what an interesting night it was! (more on that later)
we stopped to pick up lunch and went to nolan's parents house so his mom could see ollie. as usual, he just slept almost the entire time there.
the afternoon at the apartment went pretty smoothly...he actually poops and pees on the puppy pad (yay!) and he went back and forth between playing and sleeping. he slept while i took a shower :) then it was bedtime, and then all hell broke loose in our apartment and on our entire floor.
ollie went to sleep around 1am and i got a good hour sleep before nolan calls my cell phone, waking ollie up. and i hear him trying to get over his little baracade. then i hear crying. then i hear BARK! (oh no!!!!) after several tries to sneak back to bed and him barking, i just decided to sit out in the kitchen with him...
along with ollie's 2am barking, our neighbor next door decides should i put it?....go for an evening romp in the hay VERY LOUDLY. maybe i should be thankful for her...enthusiastic sound effects? that it was a distraction from the barking. THEN nolan comes stumbling in at around 330am and while i'm moving ollie from the kitchen to the bathroom then back to the kitchen....some super loud & drunk woman gets off the elevator and starts SINGING very loudly as she walks up and down the hallway! i think she realizes at some point mid song that she's on the wrong floor (hello drunky mcdrunkerson!!!) and gets back in the elevator---thankfully not a minute too soon because nolan was about to go out and start yelling.
all at 330am.
maybe all the excitement tired him out cause ollie was quiet the rest of the night :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

sleepy head

Ollie sleeps all the time.
We think it's funny that he'll stretch in his sleep and end up w/his paws in the air.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

busy day...

Yesterday was a pretty eventful day for Ollie.
He went to the vet to get his first set of shots & his nails cut...he didn't like either very much.
After the vet, it was "take your doggie to work day!"
He stayed in my mom's office the whole day, she's an ollie-hog. ahaha.

he got some toys to keep him busy...

and a new bed!

here he is playing w/my dad

nolan picked him up from my mom after work and ollie slept for pretty much the rest of the time. i'm sure he probably went crazy when he went back to his foster home.
he's probably so confused as to where he lives...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

hello blog world!

Hello blog world!
This is Ollie (oh-lee) a 10 week old Yorkie.
He is the newest resident and mascot of the sixthfloorapartment!
He was born february 1, 2010 and at 10 weeks, he only weighs 1.5 lbs.
He currently resides with his foster family, the eriksons---who are watching him until we can move into our pet friendly condo...or until we can figure out how to sneak him into our NO PETS ALLOWED condo.