Friday, July 30, 2010

i spy

ollie loves watching the world go by on his little perch at my office.
today he got a special treat because there's a lot of action on the street below because they're filming hawaii 5-o!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

naughty! naughty!

ollie hates wednesdays.

why? because my mom doesn't come to work on he's alone a lot in her office. i try to go and play with him as much as i can, but you don't want to look like you're not working at all, right?? ;p
by the end of the day, i think he had it with playing on his own and took it out on his pee-pad & newspaper that was under it...

what a mess!

Monday, July 26, 2010

ollie got back....

ollie loves to sit on anything and everything. the world is his pillow. if you lay down on the floor, you will be his pillow. i think it's hilarious!

a bad, yet funny trait is that he's kinda selfish. we knew early on that he was a toy hoarder when christy found a bunch of toys hidden under his bed when he was staying with her. he puts all his toys in a pile and doesn't like to share. this weekend my dad discovered another funny thing...ollie loves to give kisses, so if you take one of his toys and pretend that you're giving the toys kisses, he'll come running to give you kisses. it's pretty he is in action:
in other news, we got ollie's AKC stuff in the mail on saturday!
Ollie Nakamura-Hee is officially registered. :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

silly guy

Ollie does weird things that leaves you wondering HOW and WHY?!? once he flipped his pee-pad completely over and dragged it onto his pillow. it was so perfectly placed on his pillow that it looked like someone placed it there on purpose. no way a dog could have done that. no one saw him do it...he had about half an hour between his grandparents leaving and me picking him up. boggles the mind.
today he was left in my mom's office alone for about 15 min. and we come back to this:
the box is normally flush against the wall and upright.
we find him on the box in the middle of the room.
what was he doing?!? hahahaha.
little guy likes a stage.

Friday, July 16, 2010

tooth and toy

Ollie started teething recently. we've seen some blood spots on his toys and he does this weird thing with his tounge that looks like he's sticking his tounge out at you. it's really cute. so anyway, i've been looking and looking for his baby teeth that fall out but i never seem to find any. But today we found one on the floor. it is so teeny tiny!!!

ollie also got a new toy last night. we went to petland and i couldn't resist buying him a toy.

he loves it!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ollie meets ollie

i swear he's seen his reflections many times before! we had a mirrored closet door at our old place too, but for some reason when he was playing in the new place he acted like he's never seen a mirror before! it was pretty funny.... he would stand there and stare at himself. then he'll go charging forward and do this:

isn't it cute?!?! haha.
ollie isn't at the new place yet, we still have some construction left to do before he can move him in. but i brought him over to get used to the place when we met with the best buy installation people. i had to keep him in this room because ollie barks and growls at big, tall and wide men (an internet website guy that came for a meeting at my work, the inspiration salesguy, and now the best buy installation guy---all really tall and all rather "hefty")...looking back, he never was really around men of that size. oh well.

Monday, July 12, 2010

visiting great grandma

Ollie went to visit his great grandma last week!
Luckily the place my grandma stays at allows pet-visitors! This was their second meeting and both times, a huge smile lights up her face! :) too bad my grandma likes to hold him in her lap, but he had way too much energy to sit still. he wanted to explore her room and go sniffing around. Normally my grandma's response for everything is "it was ok/so-so/i didn't like it" but when my mom asked her the other day if she enjoyed ollie's visit, she said she did! :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

fun at grandma & grandpa's

I think I may have mentioned this before, but Ollie is staying at nolan's parent's house until we move into our new place, so he can run around and play and make as much noise as he likes. I pick him up in the morning, and he comes to work with me. :) Ollie has his own little play area at gma & gpa's place, he's so spoiled. hahaha.
here are some pics from this weekend...
playing fetch w/his stringy bear
i think this next picture is hilarious! i was trying to take a picture and he ran forward as the flash went off and i get this hilarious picture! he's such a funny little guy.

i was also worried that the fireworks would scare him, but he just looked startled in the beginning, and by the end of the night, he didn't even flinch. he's really good at ignoring things ;p

Friday, July 2, 2010

about me

i saw this doggy questionnaire on Darwin's blog and thought it would be fun to fill this out with ollie :)


1. Name & Age: Ollie. 5 months old.
2. Breed: Yorkie
3. Nickname: ollie ollie pollie, ollie pollie, ollie monster, o, boy

4. Where did you come from?: "i came from kaneohe, my mommy is destiny :)"


1. Favorite toy: "stringy bear" a squeaky toy w/strings dangling from it. it's one of those all natural toys from petco.

2. Favorite snack: wellness puppy treats & carrots

3. Favorite human: "my mommy is my favorite at the moment...but i usually like my dad better"


1. worst habit: he doesn't like to come when called...unless you have a treat.
2. most embarassing moment: "i went furniture shopping with my mom & dad, and i had to use the bathroom, i tried to tell them but they couldn't take me out in the peed in my travel bag :( i got my blanket and stringy bear dirty...i was embarassed."

3. Family dynamic: dad---> mom ---> ollie.

4. human's favorite thing about you:
mom--i like that he's so playful and fun...he has a great personality :) and i love how he twists up into a "U" shape when he's happy to see someone.
dad--although he'd probably deny it, i think nolan's favorite thing about ollie is that he'll wait up for matter what time nolan comes home, ollie will wake up to greet him.