Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ollie hates his flea meds...

"i'm upset mommy, please leave me alone"

Every month Ollie has to take his flea and heartworm pill...every month we try (and fail) to find something yummy to hide the pill in...we've tried cheese, treats, bread, yogurt, peanut butter, etc. but ollie is an expert at picking the pill out and eating the good stuff.  so we end up trying to pop it in the back of his mouth to get him to swallow it.

the process of popping the pill in his mouth terrifies him.  His freak outs make us so sad, you should see the look of terror on his face!  every month we contemplate going back to a topical formula.

This month I gave home some rescue remedy in his breakfast beforehand and it seemed to work as he didn't put up as strong of a fight as he usually does...

i feel better now mommy! i forgive you!

we got the pill down in one try, and he didn't throw it back up! (also another problem) but he still sulked for the rest of the morning...but he finally perked up around lunch time, ready to play and have a good time.

hopefully the rescue remedy helps to calm him.  still debating switching back to topical or trying a different pill...

what pill does your dog take?
ollie is currently taking trifexis...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Favorite shirt

I have a thing for cheesy tshirts, and when I saw this totally ridiculous shirt with a yorkie puppy on it, i HAD to get it!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fun with apps

I found a new iPhone app (line camera) and got a little carried away:

Monday, November 5, 2012

October bark box

Ollie FINALLY recieved his October BarkBox on November 1st.  I know they're experimenting with shipping, so i'm trying to be understanding, but i'll admit, it is pretty frustrating :/  i can't seem to find the list of goodies that was in the bark box so just bear with me on my less than fabulous product descriptions....
october bark box

There was the turkey blazin' bitz treats from the feel good treat company.  ollie seemed to love this! i was surprised, because he isn't a big fan of hard, crunchy treats. but he couldn't get enough of them. so i brought the bag home with me....at home, he didn't like them at all. such is the life of our fickle boy.

there was a coupon for honest discounts, for pet medication...i haven't really looked into it yet, so i can't really say much. but i don't think i'll use it...

tropiclean sent a teeth cleaning gel. this is pretty interesting to me since ollie isn't the biggest fan of brushing his teeth. but i'm a little scared, as i read that a dog had a reaction to this product...i'm not sure if i want to try this product. :/

metro paws sent poopy bags....again.  i think this was in our first box too. i'm a little disappointed in the product repeat, but at least it's something i know i can use! can't get enough of poopy bags!

moody pet sent this rubber mustache toy. which i think is totally cute, but the part you put in the dog's mouth so it looks like they have a 'stache, is WAY too big for ollie. not to mention that rubber toys are ollie's least favorite type of toys...

and now for ollie's favorite product of the box:

ooh! what's this?!?
lollycadoodle sent this toy which is 100% wool, and maid by artisans in nepal.  now, because we waited so long for this box, i knew a lot of dogs were getting snake shaped toy...which i was super excited about. then when we opened the box, it was this ring. i was disappointed, and i thought ollie would not play with it. boy was i wrong. he LOVED it!!!

he loved it so much he took it into his bed when he went to sleep! lol.

time for nene!
now let me just say, as soon as he sees the box he goes nuts! crying, and just super excited. he must smell the treats...i love seeing his reaction. he has 2 more boxes to go. i'm debating if i should renew my subscription...