Monday, November 14, 2011

dad and ollie work day!

hello readers!

as most of you know, i get to go to work with my mom everyday. i stay in my grandma's office in my own little bed and i get to play with all the workers on the floor! even the UPS and FedEx guys are my friends! but on sunday, my mommy took me to see my dad at work!!! how fun! we walked from our house to his work...lots of stuff to sniff and birds to chase on the way there!

i got to walk around and see shiny new cars, and made some new friends!

but most importantly, i got to see my dad!

maybe i can go visit him more often! i made sure i was on my best behavior---no potty accidents, and no barking! plus, my mommy likes to go and drink coffee from the fancy machine. :)

maybe he'll even let me sell cars and star in their next commercial! i think i would be a good sales doggy! what do you guys think?

love, ollie

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  1. Lucky Ollie! Im sure you were the most popular visitor that day!