Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!!!!

Someone at work gave Ollie his own doggy-treats filled goodie bag! He was beyond thrilled!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Field trip!

Last week Friday my mommy and grandma took me to the opening I the new petco! Mommy is happy there's a petco in town now!

I had fun looking at all the toys...and then a lady made me try on a banana costume...I tried to tell her I was already wearing my bee costume but she insisted.

And I got a new toy and some ties!
look at all these bags! can i get a new one?
look at all these toys! can i have one?
me & my mommy
that damn banana costume
these wagons are not little-paw friendly
do you like my new ties?

Monday, October 22, 2012


The other weekend my mommy and daddy took me to get ice cream! (Well...they had ice cream, and my mommy let me try some!)

It was delicious!!! I wonder if this will happen again. I love ice cream!
samurai ice cream

Monday, October 8, 2012

the best day everrrrrr!

{an ollie post}

this past sunday was the best day ever in the history of life! (<--i always hear my dad say that phrase.)
but...i guess it didn't start off so great. mommy & daddy woke up really early, and then...i barfed....on the's never good when i barf on the bed.  :(  luckily my daddy wasn't too upset.

my mommy gave me kisses and breakfast and said we were going to go on a walk!  but my daddy said we had to wait for the laundry to finish because someone threw up on the bed. oh. that was me. oops.
"let's go! what's taking so long?!"

when we finally got to the walk, i saw some of my old friends:

aunty kri, karlee, and kacie!

i was happy that karlee and her mommy and new sister came! i like going on walks with them!  
lexi & max came too!  they're fun to play with too!  
lexi + kacie
 i met a lot of new friends too:
hello new friend!

you're cute!
after i had my fill of sniffing butts, it was time to go on a half mile walk! i surprised my mommy by finishing the whole thing! she thought i was too lazy. how rude.

let's go mommy! 

after the walk we had a little rest time....

my daddy, always checking his phone
and i saw a boo look-a-like!  there were a lot of doggies with the boo-'do.  my mommy said maybe it's the new "Rachel" but i don't know what that means.

and then my mommy tried to stick me through this weird thing, and i had to put my paw down. i don't like it! no do that me!

stop! you not getting me to go in there!

i said no no!

aaaguh! i no wanna!

after that horrifying ordeal, we had to go home because my daddy had to go to work. boo. but i had a lot of fun at the pet walk and was happy that my daddy came along.

can we do it again soon?

after we went home, daddy went to work, and me and mommy took a long nap!  we were pooped!  but after our nap, mommy took me to go see my ducky friends! i was so happy! i didn't get to see them last week and they already got so much bigger!   i can't wait for them to flap their wings and fly! that's my favorite!

i love them
it was such an exciting and fun day! i wish every weekend was this much fun!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Grooming time!

I was early to pick Ollie up at the groomers last week, so I actually had the chance to watch his grooming in process! (Something I've been wanting to do forever!)

I was amazed how well behaved he was and how he just stood there and barely fussed at all. Normally at home if you try to brush his face he puts up a slight fight. I just kept saying "he's not like that at home! Wow!"