Monday, November 14, 2011

ollie & friends #2

Ollie's friend of the week is......

Lumpy the Heffalump (a fairly new character from winnie the pooh) hails all the way from Florida (Walt Disney World, to be exact). Ollie loves lumpy to you can see here, limbs have been chewed off...and sewn back on numerous times:

ollie loves to play with lumpy on the couch....

slow dance with lumpy....

(just kidding) he likes to wrangle him away from me.

he likes to gnaw on lumpy's arms while sitting in his sun-spot:

and he loves to take naps with lumpy:

we'll see who ollie's new friend is soon, as he is a fickle little guy, that has a new favorite toy every week! stay tuned for ollie's weekend recap!

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