Monday, May 28, 2012

ollie & hetty in action

just wanted to share a quick video of ollie & his new friend hetty the hedgehog in action!

hope you all are having a wonderful memorial day!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

arigato gozaimasu!

my mom recently went on a trip to japan and brought back a few things for ollie!  the little guy got some treats, a toy, and a shirt.

ollie & his omiyage(s)
my mom said she didn't really see very many dog stores, but when she did, she said there were rows and rows and rows of super cute girl clothes, but sadly, nothing for boy dogs (odd, no?) so the shirt ollie is wearing was the "manliest" shirt she could find. {unpictured is the back of the shirt, where the design includes pink bones, so i'm not entirely sure this is a boy-shirt} ollie loves it anyway. :)  

also pictured is his new friend, llama llama.  they became instant friends and they go everywhere together ;p

a short message from ollie:
    thank you grandma & papa for bringing me back goodies from japan! i love everything, especially the cookies!  thank you also for all the food-treats you brought back for my mommy and daddy, that they are not sharing with me. they seem to enjoy it, but i can't tell how good it is since i can't sample it. 
love, ollie.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

meet hetty

my mommy and daddy came back from california with lots of fun things for me!!!   i got 3 bags of treats from trader joes. i love those! mommy says there is no trader joes in hawaii. i don't understand why. she said she doesn't either. :(

i also got a pillow friend from disneyland. (more on him later)

and my favorite new my new friend, henrietta ("hetty") the hedgehog!

hetty the hedgehog

i decided to name her after the little lady hetty on my grandma's favorite show, NCIS: los angeles. they're both so teeny tiny! i love my new friend hetty, thank you mommy & daddy!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mommy's day!

even though my mommy left me at hotel grandma & papa, i still wanted to wish her a very happy mommy's day!!!

mommy & me
she's the best mommy ever. 
thank you mommy for taking care of me and playing with me and giving me lots of treats and buying me lots of toys that daddy says i don't need.

hiking with my mommy

i love my mommy! happy mommy's day!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


my mommy & daddy have left me again!!! this time they went to visit my aunty cece:

me & aunty cece having lunch...

i don't know why i can't go see her too! i miss her tons too! i would wake up early every morning when she stayed with us to go snuggle with her in the bed.  but my mommy said something about airplanes rides and me barking. i think i'm going to need to learn how to skype.  or facetime.

my mommy does feel very bad (i can tell) and she said she'd bring me back my favorite treats from trader joe's. so i guess i'll forgive her.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

my friend from paris

my new friend
hi everyone,

this is my new friend. my mommy & daddy brought him back for me from paris.  i love him.  i like to carry him around and chew on his scarf.  he's also a good nap-time friend, as you can see in the picture my mommy took of me sleeping (how rude mommy!)
he doesn't have a name yet because i can't think of a good one, so for right now, i call him paris-bear....and that's a terrible, uncreative name! please help me! do you have any suggestions???  

my mommy & daddy also sent me pictures while they were in europe that i want to share with you too!  


p.s. my mommy said to let you guys know my paw is much better :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


poor ollie pollie. he has a scrape/cut on his paw pad and a part of it is just flapping away.  i noticed it this morning because he was limping, and nolan said he noticed ollie was licking his foot all night...
i tried to bandage it up so he would stop licking it...but it eventually came off...
"i have an ouchie"
so as with anything, i had to look it up online, and i read a bunch of stuff about putting neosporin on it then wrapping it with gauze. maybe i'll try it when i get home...but it seems to be getting better since this morning and he isn't really limping anymore...why do all these things happen right before we leave on a trip?!?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

cat, scaredy cat

ollie is such a scaredy cat.  he gets startled very easily, especially by loud noises.  fireworks and thunder are the worst, but loud, unexpected banging noises also freak him out. last night his puppy shampoo bottle rolled off the table and landed with a huge bang onto the floor.

little scaredy cat ollie went running to hide...

"i'm safe in here!"
 he always hides in a small corner or anyplace that is cave-like.  eventually he got over it and went to sleep....then something fell in the shower and he freaked out again and went to hide outside. i ended up sleeping on the couch just so he would go to sleep and not hide at the end of the hallway---furthest away from our room.

poor little guy.