Monday, December 31, 2012

spreading christmas cheer

Christmas Morning we took Ollie to visit my grandma...complete with his santa hat!  I think she was happy to see him as he was happy to see her. i'm so glad he's able to bring a smile to her face, especially on days like Christmas!

"i'm dressed to spread christmas cheer!"

kisses for christmas!

i think she likes my hat!

i got distracted by christmas decor with ringing bells...


mission accomplished!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

happy holidays!

man oh man, the holidays have just flown by and i've been neglecting ollie's i figured i'd stop by and post tons of pictures of ollie's holidays:
yappy howlidays!

family photo!

christmas eve 

do i look like a reindeer?

i love opening gifts!


Sunday, December 16, 2012

december bark box

we finally got a box on time!!! woop woop!
The December box came to us in a matter of DAYS.

There were some good goodies in this month's box...but i still felt a little...underwhelmed. maybe because i was hoping--because it was december/christmas--that it would be extra special or something.  This is Ollie's last box in the 6-month bundle we signed up for. i think we are probably not going to reorder. :(  While we were introduced to fun new treats (we especially loved barkworthies!) and we loved getting mail every month, i think ollie is just TOO picky for this. 

But without further adieu, his December box included:

1.Bocce's Bakery: natural dog treats...this brand was featured in a previous box but this time these treats are featuring a more "holiday" flavor: chicken, pumpkin, cranberries, & cinnamon.  ollie ate a few pieces, but lost interest. biscuit type treats are not his favorites, i have no idea why. he just loves chewy sticks and soft jerky-like treats best. {}

2.  Fresh Dog: Oatmeal Shampoo  i have yet to give this a try. but his bath day is tomorrow so maybe we'll try it tomorrow. :) {}

3.  simply fido: reindeer ("holiday moose") toy. ollie does like this guy. ollie likes plush toys. i know a lot of people are probably going to complain that their dog destroyed it in 2.5 seconds, but this is the first "plush" toy we've seen and we're happy campers.  {}

4.  puppy cake:  red velvet cake mix for dogs! i'm super excited to try this, the only thing is that it makes A LOT...ollie is a little guy, so i'm not too sure when i'll be making this. or...maybe i could freeze it. i think this is such a cute idea :) {}

one thing i do like, is that barkbox has made a barkbox app where you can purchase items that were featured in their boxes...which i think i will do to buy some barkworthies products, since they are not available for sale...

i wonder if i should try a different box subscription....

Saturday, December 15, 2012

November bark box

Ollie's November Bark Box finally came in at the ending of the first week of December. I finally figured out why it takes soooo long for the box to arrive, and why tracking seems to stop and remain idle for about 2 weeks....they sent it parcel post! so for those of us in hawaii....that means our box gets shipped via boat. mystery solved.

this month's box was a bit of a miss for us, there were some good stuff, just not stuff ollie is interested the contents of this month's box included:

1. Bionic Bone: it's kind of like a kong toy where you fill it with treats and let your dog work at getting it out. i haven't given it to him yet, as kong type toys were never his cuppa tea.  (

2. fruitables:  i haven't opened this either as i already know that ollie doesn't care for this type of treat (my mom had previously bought him a bag) so i think i'll give it to my coworker who just got a dog... (

3.  Arcacia Antlers:  this one is cute, it's a mini antler on a it's a chewy toy. ollie didn't seem very interested...sigh. (

4. mr. barksmiths: bully stick. now this he LOVED!!! (thank god!)  (

5. there was also one of those ice cake treats that you freeze and it's a little slushy treat for dogs. ollie has had them before and loves it. the flavor we got was pumpkin...we have yet to try this one.

and there were some coupon codes/gift cards for the bark box app site (which sucked because we got our box AFTER the coupon code expired. boo, that's the one i would've used too) mr. chewy ($10 gift card), ( a pet sitting service), and DogTV (one month free tv? interesting)

sadly, you can only purchase from the barksmith website if you are a retailer buying in bulk :( 

stay tuned for the December box, which came in yesterday (NOT via parcel post!)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Door prize

Ollie goes to work with me everyday, but he doesn't get to attend the company Christmas party because Hawaii is so NOT dog friendly.

Every year I get him a toy and give it to him as his "door prize" since all employees get one!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Where's Ollie?

Can you find Ollie amongst his toys? He's started to bring all his toys to this bed...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ollie hates his flea meds...

"i'm upset mommy, please leave me alone"

Every month Ollie has to take his flea and heartworm pill...every month we try (and fail) to find something yummy to hide the pill in...we've tried cheese, treats, bread, yogurt, peanut butter, etc. but ollie is an expert at picking the pill out and eating the good stuff.  so we end up trying to pop it in the back of his mouth to get him to swallow it.

the process of popping the pill in his mouth terrifies him.  His freak outs make us so sad, you should see the look of terror on his face!  every month we contemplate going back to a topical formula.

This month I gave home some rescue remedy in his breakfast beforehand and it seemed to work as he didn't put up as strong of a fight as he usually does...

i feel better now mommy! i forgive you!

we got the pill down in one try, and he didn't throw it back up! (also another problem) but he still sulked for the rest of the morning...but he finally perked up around lunch time, ready to play and have a good time.

hopefully the rescue remedy helps to calm him.  still debating switching back to topical or trying a different pill...

what pill does your dog take?
ollie is currently taking trifexis...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Favorite shirt

I have a thing for cheesy tshirts, and when I saw this totally ridiculous shirt with a yorkie puppy on it, i HAD to get it!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fun with apps

I found a new iPhone app (line camera) and got a little carried away:

Monday, November 5, 2012

October bark box

Ollie FINALLY recieved his October BarkBox on November 1st.  I know they're experimenting with shipping, so i'm trying to be understanding, but i'll admit, it is pretty frustrating :/  i can't seem to find the list of goodies that was in the bark box so just bear with me on my less than fabulous product descriptions....
october bark box

There was the turkey blazin' bitz treats from the feel good treat company.  ollie seemed to love this! i was surprised, because he isn't a big fan of hard, crunchy treats. but he couldn't get enough of them. so i brought the bag home with home, he didn't like them at all. such is the life of our fickle boy.

there was a coupon for honest discounts, for pet medication...i haven't really looked into it yet, so i can't really say much. but i don't think i'll use it...

tropiclean sent a teeth cleaning gel. this is pretty interesting to me since ollie isn't the biggest fan of brushing his teeth. but i'm a little scared, as i read that a dog had a reaction to this product...i'm not sure if i want to try this product. :/

metro paws sent poopy bags....again.  i think this was in our first box too. i'm a little disappointed in the product repeat, but at least it's something i know i can use! can't get enough of poopy bags!

moody pet sent this rubber mustache toy. which i think is totally cute, but the part you put in the dog's mouth so it looks like they have a 'stache, is WAY too big for ollie. not to mention that rubber toys are ollie's least favorite type of toys...

and now for ollie's favorite product of the box:

ooh! what's this?!?
lollycadoodle sent this toy which is 100% wool, and maid by artisans in nepal.  now, because we waited so long for this box, i knew a lot of dogs were getting snake shaped toy...which i was super excited about. then when we opened the box, it was this ring. i was disappointed, and i thought ollie would not play with it. boy was i wrong. he LOVED it!!!

he loved it so much he took it into his bed when he went to sleep! lol.

time for nene!
now let me just say, as soon as he sees the box he goes nuts! crying, and just super excited. he must smell the treats...i love seeing his reaction. he has 2 more boxes to go. i'm debating if i should renew my subscription...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!!!!

Someone at work gave Ollie his own doggy-treats filled goodie bag! He was beyond thrilled!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Field trip!

Last week Friday my mommy and grandma took me to the opening I the new petco! Mommy is happy there's a petco in town now!

I had fun looking at all the toys...and then a lady made me try on a banana costume...I tried to tell her I was already wearing my bee costume but she insisted.

And I got a new toy and some ties!
look at all these bags! can i get a new one?
look at all these toys! can i have one?
me & my mommy
that damn banana costume
these wagons are not little-paw friendly
do you like my new ties?

Monday, October 22, 2012


The other weekend my mommy and daddy took me to get ice cream! (Well...they had ice cream, and my mommy let me try some!)

It was delicious!!! I wonder if this will happen again. I love ice cream!
samurai ice cream

Monday, October 8, 2012

the best day everrrrrr!

{an ollie post}

this past sunday was the best day ever in the history of life! (<--i always hear my dad say that phrase.)
but...i guess it didn't start off so great. mommy & daddy woke up really early, and then...i barfed....on the's never good when i barf on the bed.  :(  luckily my daddy wasn't too upset.

my mommy gave me kisses and breakfast and said we were going to go on a walk!  but my daddy said we had to wait for the laundry to finish because someone threw up on the bed. oh. that was me. oops.
"let's go! what's taking so long?!"

when we finally got to the walk, i saw some of my old friends:

aunty kri, karlee, and kacie!

i was happy that karlee and her mommy and new sister came! i like going on walks with them!  
lexi & max came too!  they're fun to play with too!  
lexi + kacie
 i met a lot of new friends too:
hello new friend!

you're cute!
after i had my fill of sniffing butts, it was time to go on a half mile walk! i surprised my mommy by finishing the whole thing! she thought i was too lazy. how rude.

let's go mommy! 

after the walk we had a little rest time....

my daddy, always checking his phone
and i saw a boo look-a-like!  there were a lot of doggies with the boo-'do.  my mommy said maybe it's the new "Rachel" but i don't know what that means.

and then my mommy tried to stick me through this weird thing, and i had to put my paw down. i don't like it! no do that me!

stop! you not getting me to go in there!

i said no no!

aaaguh! i no wanna!

after that horrifying ordeal, we had to go home because my daddy had to go to work. boo. but i had a lot of fun at the pet walk and was happy that my daddy came along.

can we do it again soon?

after we went home, daddy went to work, and me and mommy took a long nap!  we were pooped!  but after our nap, mommy took me to go see my ducky friends! i was so happy! i didn't get to see them last week and they already got so much bigger!   i can't wait for them to flap their wings and fly! that's my favorite!

i love them
it was such an exciting and fun day! i wish every weekend was this much fun!