Friday, July 29, 2011

a weekend date

Last weekend, ollie went on a little date with his girlfriend Peanut :)

First Stop: Calvin & Susie
This store has become one of our favorites! so cute, clean, organized, and has a great selection of hard to find food (acana, orijen, etc.) The 2 little ones went on a little shopping spree...ollie bought treats for himself and his las vegas friend, Frankie (hi frankie!). He also scored a new toy :) Peanut got a new harness and dog food.

Next Stop: Ward Warehouse
we thought we'd check out the Tail Waggin' Weekend at ward warehouse (also going on this weekend!) we missed most of the activities, but got to wander through the booths for $5 baths and massages. The humane society booth offered painted nails, but as ollie is a boy, i opted out of that....even if it was blue.

Ollie made a new friend (and peanut got jealous...she actually played nice until ollie expressed interest in this new girl...then peanut started barking up a storm, "you stay away from my man!!!")...check this girl out, a dress, doggles and a flower in her ear! so stylish!

The fancy pup left and all was right in the world again. ;p
The little love pups even had their picture taken inside Eden In Love, by Wag and Snap

the love-pups

ollie can't wait until his next date with peanut! :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a breakthrough!

ever since we've had ollie, he won't eat his food.
treats, yes.
people food, yes.
dog food mixed with chicken, sometimes...most of the time.
but a bowl of just straight dog food? hardly ever.

he'd have to be completely starving to even look at it. i must've tried so many different dog foods thinking he just didn't like the taste....then one day i tried something different...i added a bit of warm water, just enough to coat the food, then i drained the water. At first he looked at it, and walked away, but about 20 minutes later, i hear, *crunch crunch crunch* there he was, eating his food like a normal dog. the entire bowl, all at once! i was shocked. we kept the water coating going, and everyday, he'd eat his breakfast. sometimes picking his empty bowl up and bringing it to us to ask for more...and he'd eat more! we were shocked! we then tried to give him a bowl of dog food without the water. wouldn't look twice at it. then we added the water, and he gobbled it up! HALLELUJAH!!!!

But it's not just the water, i do believe we've found some food he enjoys as well (because the water mixture didn't work w/his royal canin food) right now he seems to like Natural Balance Duck & Potato, and Acana Wild Prarie. we also tried Orijen 6 fish, but no one could handle the strong fishy smell (the food, and on his breath after!) and i was asked to not buy that flavor anymore :/

haha. totally understandable. it really IS pretty stinky!

thank goodness he eats now!!! :)

in other news, ollie had another trip to fur love:

"i love fur love!"