Monday, September 30, 2013

therapy dogs bring smiles....

the other week we took Ollie to visit my grandma again. she loves when he goes to see her.  on this visit he brought his pizzle stick and let my grandma hold it for him while he snacked on it...she was pretty amused! 
Ollie and grandma
also on this particular visit, there was a new resident in the house that had heard him barking and asked if she could see him.  we normally keep Ollie in my grandma's room because we know there is a resident that does not like dogs.
we were a little hesitant because sometimes there are people that Ollie does not react well to, and we never know how he will react. but the nurse was insistent that Ollie go see this new resident.
my mom took Ollie out to the living room and went to meet the new resident. Ollie was amazing with her. he let her pet him and he sat nicely and seemed completely at ease.  (sometimes around children, he'll let them pet him, but you can tell he doesn't enjoy it and try to run away)  the woman was so happy and said she loves dogs and that she has a small dog at her home, but no one brings it to visit her. my mom said Ollie made that lady's day. i'm so glad.
we also took Ollie to visit a family friend who was in hospice care. he sat on her lap and also "held hands" with her. he would put his paw on her hand. it was really sweet and so comforting to see that he brought a smile to her face.

Friday, September 27, 2013

looks like ollie

yes, i'm one of those crazy dog ladies that has dog-shirts!  it's rare you find nice yorkie printed things. i'm constantly seeing French bulldogs, hot dog dogs, pugs....but rarely yorkies.
after posting this picture on instagram, a friend of mine directed me to this site: arm the animals
where they have a shirt/character called atomic dog, which is a yorkie! that is definitely going to be my next purchase!!! a cute yorkie shirt and for a good cause! :)
"mommy, I want no part of this. you are embarrassing me!"

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


sing it with me now,
reunited and it feels so goooood.....
Ollie + peanut
after almost a whole year, Ollie and his girlfriend peanut were together again!  peanut went through a pretty lengthy "custody battle" and has finally been able to see her daddy again! and that means Ollie can now see his girlfriend again!
Ollie was SO excited when we brought him over, he even remembered the apartment building where peanut lives....we drove past it once looking for street parking, and he started whimpering and crying with excitement. he knew where he was going!
I think it has been a pretty long time, and peanut had only been "home" for a few hours so I think she was still in an adjustment period. she seemed happy to see Ollie, yet a little apprehensive. Ollie on the other hand was crazy excited! play peanut! play!
hopefully as peanut gets re-acclimated with her home, she will remember her first love, Ollie :)