Tuesday, April 26, 2011

one year

April 10, 2011: one year since i met ollie and he became "mine"...errr...i mean..."ours".

{ollie w/grandma}

April 23, 2011: ollie goes to the vet for his 1 year check up @ Kalihi Pet Clinic. He received 4 shots, had a blood test, butt squeeze and nails cut---they cut it too short, and it bled :( Ollie was very brave and didn't cry but he did try to resist the blood test and nail cutting AND he didn't bark at any of the dogs in the waiting room! (hallelujah!)

Ollie directly after the vet: happy to be out of there & getting mcdonalds!

ollie during his favorite weekend activity: stalking the neighbor's dog...getting sleepy...

sleepy time...

8pm...a little perkier, but still pretty sleepy

ollie always gets very sleepy and just overall, not himself when he gets shots at the vet.
not to worry readers, he was his normal self by the next day, in time to play with easter eggs!

he loves to toss the eggs around the room and will come running if he hears the click noise the egg makes when you put the 2 halves together.
he's a character!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a day at the beach

This past sunday, nolan and i took ollie to Lanikai Beach...his first beach experience! Despite the HUGE sandy mess, i think it was a great success. I don't think Ollie cared too much for the tides (even though they were very very calm) or the water, but he LOVED running around in the sand and chasing after birds.

{i'm ready to go mom!}

{making a new friend}

this boy loved ollie, and ollie seemed to be very interested in his new friend as well. it was very cute watching them size each other up.

the beach was pretty crowded so we just walked up and down the coastline. i took him in the water a few times, but i don't think he enjoyed it as much as he did running on the sand. who knew such a little dog could create such a sandy mess?!!? next time (if there is a next time) we're gonna find a beach that has showers. i think that would've been a BIG help!

trying to think of his next outing adventure...
any ideas?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

ollie photo shoot!

Ollie has been on 2 photo shoots in the past few month! He's a doggy model! Just kidding. We've been bringing him along to our engagement shoots with both christy (his foster mommy) and visionari (our wedding photographer). i thought i'd share with you some of the photos that he got to be in....they were a bigger hit with our families than our actual engagement pictures. go figure. lol

he's such a ham!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

thank you bula!

ollie received another belated birthday gift this past weekend, from his cousin bula! (thank you bula!) {pardon the poor quality iphone pics}

he got three stuffed friends and a lot of treats! see the second picture? he dove in for the treats!

dear bula, thank you for my birthday gift! i love playing with all my new toys and i really like the treats! YUM!

hopefully i can come play with you soon!


cousin ollie ollie pollie

Friday, April 1, 2011

date night

reunited and it feels so goooooood! ollie & his girlfriend peanut had a date night last night. they were SO happy to see each other! Ollie has been sleeping all day today :) it was love at first sight with these two. i'm telling you, when you know, you know.