Wednesday, November 30, 2011

bocha time!

just thought i'd share a video of what ollie does right after he takes a bath...

he dries himself off!

when he first started doing it we thought it was so hilarious! now we know to help him out a little and we cover the floor with towels, and once he calms down, we help him out by using the blow dryer.

and in case you missed it, i posted ollie's adventures with santa paws the other day, but for some reason it's posted below all the thanksgiving posts...very strange.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

a thanksgiving feast

i never thought about giving ollie a thanksgiving dinner until i saw a friend on facebook give her dogs a few (healthy) treats from their thanksgiving meal. i thought it was super cute, and hey, why not? i know i've been trying to cut back on the amount of table food ollie eats (cutting back on the snacks and his favoite: ani's sweet bread) but i still give him chicken and fruits and veggies.... so i figured this meal would be ok:

it's pretty much dog food (acana- wild prairie, plain fresh green beans, frozen peas, & chicken) he also had a little pumpkin puree...which he looooved.

i think the green beans were a weird texture for him, but he ate them. he loved the peas, and of course he has always loved carrots! and wow, he went nuts over the pumpkin! i thought it was fun for him and for me :)

hope you all had a great and wonderful thanksgiving weekend! ollie and i are off to go walk off all the food we ate :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy thanksgiving!!!

hi readers! happy thanksgiving to you all! :)
hope you all have a great day filled with yummy food and family!

my mommy said i should say what i'm thankful for:

i am thankful for:
  • my mommy & daddy--thank you for my forever home.
  • my foster family (the eriksons)--thank you for helping my daddy bring me home and making it possible.
  • my grandmas & grandpas--i love you
  • my toys--i'd be so bored without them
  • my friends--all my friends fur and human!
  • blog readers---Thank you for reading this blog! i hope you enjoy my adventures!

Monday, November 21, 2011

ollie met santa paws

last christmas, i discovered too late that there was a santa paws! ollie missed his chance to see santa, so i made sure that this year we went right away! the first weekend santa was at the humane society...and it was crowded!!! i think we waited about 1 hour to take a picture, and there was another 1/2 an hour wait for your disc. there were booths set up (dog product booths), but no one was really looking at them...
ollie kept himself occupied by meeting new friends:

"hello shiba inu! i like your santa clothes! i wish my grandma would get one like you for her new house!"

"hello white dog! you kinda look like my friend lexi, only a lot bigger! did you see that HUGE labradoodle behind you?!? he just got snapped at by a mean jack russell!"

"peanut!!!! my girlfriend!"

peanut didn't take pictures with santa...she only likes to be held by her mommy and daddy....they didn't want to risk peanut biting santa. LOL

"hi doggy! you look like kooper! are you going to sit on santa's lap?"

and finally, here's ollie's picture with santa paws and mrs paws:

Monday, November 14, 2011

ollie & friends #2

Ollie's friend of the week is......

Lumpy the Heffalump (a fairly new character from winnie the pooh) hails all the way from Florida (Walt Disney World, to be exact). Ollie loves lumpy to you can see here, limbs have been chewed off...and sewn back on numerous times:

ollie loves to play with lumpy on the couch....

slow dance with lumpy....

(just kidding) he likes to wrangle him away from me.

he likes to gnaw on lumpy's arms while sitting in his sun-spot:

and he loves to take naps with lumpy:

we'll see who ollie's new friend is soon, as he is a fickle little guy, that has a new favorite toy every week! stay tuned for ollie's weekend recap!

dad and ollie work day!

hello readers!

as most of you know, i get to go to work with my mom everyday. i stay in my grandma's office in my own little bed and i get to play with all the workers on the floor! even the UPS and FedEx guys are my friends! but on sunday, my mommy took me to see my dad at work!!! how fun! we walked from our house to his work...lots of stuff to sniff and birds to chase on the way there!

i got to walk around and see shiny new cars, and made some new friends!

but most importantly, i got to see my dad!

maybe i can go visit him more often! i made sure i was on my best behavior---no potty accidents, and no barking! plus, my mommy likes to go and drink coffee from the fancy machine. :)

maybe he'll even let me sell cars and star in their next commercial! i think i would be a good sales doggy! what do you guys think?

love, ollie

Thursday, November 10, 2011

ollie & friends #1

ollie has so much toys...too much toys, actually. and while he plays with many of them off and on, there are only a few that he seems to really LOVE. these lucky few have been ripped apart and sewn back together many, many times. i thought i'd share one of them in a post every once in awhile...

today i introduce to you, Greggie the Whale. He's ollie's newest mom found it while she was clearing out the attic, and she threw it in ollie's toy basket. he was my whale when i was younger, given to me by my sister's friend, greg. (hence the name...i was such a creative kid ;p )

ollie likes to use him as a chin rest while he's in his bag, and it's his current favorite object to play fetch with.

in other news, ollie has reached a chubby wubby weight of 5 pounds! lol.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

please help find mia!

poor mia has been missing for a week!
i don't know mia or her family personally, but i've seen their pleas on facebook and twitter...

Here's mia's info: