Sunday, June 5, 2011

ollie view: HK dog park walk 2011

Hi everybody!
today i went to the Hawaii Kai Dog Park Walk with my mommy, aunty kri, and karlee.
we had to wake up very early in the morning....
thank you aunty kri for picking us up!

mommy & me:

aunty kri & my friend karlee.

karlee wanted her mommy to carry her. but her mommy said no. poor karlee.

when we got there we went to check in and we picked up our gift bags, i got a lot of goodies, my favorite is a toy shaped like a greenie. they also handed out bottles of water and my mommy got a t-shirt too! we checked out the booths and even had our picture taken in a photo booth!

i made some (big) new friends!

and i even saw my girlfriend, Peanut! she was having an outing with her other friends, so i was a good boyfriend and let her play with other dogs...but i was so happy to see her! two weeks in a row! what a treat! =)

i also saw my friend petey and his friend lexi. they went on the short walk that was only 1/2 a mile. my mommy said i was going to do the full 2 mile walk. so i had to say goodbye to petey and lexi at the starting line.

and we're off!!!
2 miles! i hope i can make it!

i wasn't scared, i had karlee to protect me! we walked the full 2 miles, and my mama said she was very proud of me. i was only carried across the bridge in the beginning, but other than that, i walked the whole way!

after we finished, i got a free treat from the calvin & susie booth (cheese moons, yum!) we stuck around to see if we won a prize, but we didn't. boo. then we headed off to starbucks so my mommy and aunty could get some coffee! i even snuck a nibble of my mommy's lemon loaf. it was yummy!!!

now i'm pooped.
i can't wait for my next walk!

hope you had as fun of a weekend as i did!

thanks for reading,
ollie pollie

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  1. Ollie! You made a Great Dane friend! And rubbed noses with it! I'll just pretend that was you and Darwin. hehehe