Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a new dog park

hi blog readers!

this weekend i went to a new doggie park for a hot date with my girlfriend peanut! :) my mommy said this park is at a place called the humane society. there were lots of big dogs in a separate area, that looked WAY COOLER than the little place that i was in. i don't know why my mom won't let me go to the other place.

she said something about me breaking out of the fence at the other park. :(

but this doggie was nearby and she reminded me of my friend karlee. and she wanted to play. i hate these stupid fences. always ruins the fun if you ask me!

here's me and peanut sniffing away...
there were 2 other doggies too. very cute, i really liked their mommy.

i think we did more sniffing than playing...

i can't decide which park i like better. i think this park had nicer grass and more shade, but it was much smaller than the other park. just because we're little doesn't mean we don't like a bigger space to play!

(oh, and my mommy said something about not too much parking...)



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  1. I think its cute when the little dogs play with the big dogs. When we went on our walk last night a little Cavalier Spaniel was pulling pulling to try and get close to Darwin so they could play. I think it's owner was freaked out that Darwin was so much larger and wouldnt let them get close. You need to find a way to guard the fences so Ollie cant sneak out and he can play with the big dogs!