Monday, May 30, 2011

oh, ollie

Happy Memorial Day!

This was a busy weekend for ollie pollie.....a naughty one too. But let's start with the busy part first.

Saturday Ollie went to watch chasey's flag football game. He had a blast running around, chasing birds, watching the game, and letting the little kiddies pet him.

then he went to visit his great grandma...he always brings big smiles to her face, and he showered her with his kisses. :)

and he had a sleepover at grandma & grandpa hee's house, where he woke up to bark like a mad-dog at 2:30am....there's just something about their neighbor's dog that gets ollie all riled up!

Then on Sunday ollie went to the dog park for all of 15 minutes...there were no dogs there to play with, and ollie realized he can squeeze himself through the entrance gate. thank god it's double gated. i always knew he could probably squeeze himself through but i hoped he never would figure it out. he did. great. just great. this is a problem having a teeny tiny dog. they can fit through most barricades!

so then we took him to play with his girlfriend peanut. they were first playing on the grassy putting green at peanut's grandmas apartment, but it was an open area, and we thought ollie wouldn't stay in the grassy area, so we kept him on the leash, but peanut was off leash and it made their play time difficult with the leash constantly getting tangled as they wrestled and ran around. so we took them to the tennis courts to play in an enclosed area...

while they played, ollie kept going by this part of the fence that looked a lot like the section at the dog park where he got through. and pop! he popped himself through and took off! Nolan and I almost had a heart attack! Luckily we caught him not too far away. but lesson learned. ollie can never be off leash. i watch off leash dogs (like peanut) and i'm jealous that ollie can't have that kind of freedom. oh, ollie.

On Sunday we also visited the pet store, Calvin & Susie. I went there hoping to find a new dog food for ollie, as he is SUCH a picky eater. He doesn't scarf down his dog food like every other dog i know. he turns his nose up at it unless there's something yummy mixed in, like chicken or treats, or cream cheese. i really want to find something good for him, that he'll actually want to eat. He's been eating Royal Cannin Yorshire 28 but i read it's not THAT great for him because it contains a lot of corn and fillers....we tried Evo small bites, but he didn't care for that and i think he may have been allergic because he started scratching and licking his paws a lot...

So i told the ladies at C&S ollie's food-story, and i came away w/2 samples of dog food (one a raw food mix) and a small $5 bag of Orijen 6Fish to try. They said Ollie may just need variety. So far, he seems to not hate the Orijen.

Trying to find a good dog food is so difficult!!!

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  1. Oh Ollie! Youre still a baby! You just like to explore! Though you shouldnt scare your parents like that, its never very nice!

    We've gone through many dog foods. We're now on a grain free kibble, Acana Pacifica. Darwin really likes that one. We're lucky she's not a picky eater though, I just switched her to try out a grain free food.