Saturday, June 18, 2011

round 2: makapuu lighthouse trail

hi readers,
look how tired i am...
this is me after my morning hike with my mom and dad:
we went to the makapuu lighthouse trail this morning, for some exercise! (well, exercise for me and my dad says it was just a leisurely stroll for him. hmph! what a show off!)

it was a lot better this time...not as hot, and the ground wasn't too hot for my paws.
i'm still not a fan of walking uphill, but i LOVE walking next to my dad.

my dad's feet are stinky, i think that's why i have to always walk near them...i really do love stinky feet! :)

my mommy on the other hand likes to take lots of pictures.
me and dad hate to stop for pictures. i just want to walk around!
here i am telling my mommy, "enough pictures! more walking!":

when we made it to the top i got water and treats!
yay treats! i didn't get treats on the last hike! i guess my mommy is still learning.

on the way down we stopped again for more water and treats! (this is my new favorite part of the hikes!!!)

who knew my dad was going to make me run down to the car! but it was a lot of fun!

now i'm super tired, and i'm resting all day. i think i heard my mommy say something about bocha-ing today....i think i'll take a long nap to prolong the bath time :)



  1. Wow! Good job Ollie! Your mom needs to get a small collapsible dog bowl so she doesnt need to carry that big bowl around! Or you should learn to drink out of a water bottle! That's super handy cause then no bowl is needed!

  2. LOL. i've tried so many different portable bowls, he won't drink out of any of it. he actually likes to drink out of your hand as you pour the water out! LOL. i think i'm just gonna do that from now on!