Monday, July 12, 2010

visiting great grandma

Ollie went to visit his great grandma last week!
Luckily the place my grandma stays at allows pet-visitors! This was their second meeting and both times, a huge smile lights up her face! :) too bad my grandma likes to hold him in her lap, but he had way too much energy to sit still. he wanted to explore her room and go sniffing around. Normally my grandma's response for everything is "it was ok/so-so/i didn't like it" but when my mom asked her the other day if she enjoyed ollie's visit, she said she did! :)


  1. ohhh so sweet!!! oh my gosh i was just looking at this and le'i goes there ollie and started crying!! "i wanna see ollie" aahha he was here when we started babysitting!

  2. le'i knows ollie?!?! man, everyone met le'i but me! hahaha. that's so cute :)