Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ollie meets ollie

i swear he's seen his reflections many times before! we had a mirrored closet door at our old place too, but for some reason when he was playing in the new place he acted like he's never seen a mirror before! it was pretty funny.... he would stand there and stare at himself. then he'll go charging forward and do this:

isn't it cute?!?! haha.
ollie isn't at the new place yet, we still have some construction left to do before he can move him in. but i brought him over to get used to the place when we met with the best buy installation people. i had to keep him in this room because ollie barks and growls at big, tall and wide men (an internet website guy that came for a meeting at my work, the inspiration salesguy, and now the best buy installation guy---all really tall and all rather "hefty")...looking back, he never was really around men of that size. oh well.

1 comment:

  1. so cute! you should try to have the big scary men give him treats so he gets used to them!