Friday, July 2, 2010

about me

i saw this doggy questionnaire on Darwin's blog and thought it would be fun to fill this out with ollie :)


1. Name & Age: Ollie. 5 months old.
2. Breed: Yorkie
3. Nickname: ollie ollie pollie, ollie pollie, ollie monster, o, boy

4. Where did you come from?: "i came from kaneohe, my mommy is destiny :)"


1. Favorite toy: "stringy bear" a squeaky toy w/strings dangling from it. it's one of those all natural toys from petco.

2. Favorite snack: wellness puppy treats & carrots

3. Favorite human: "my mommy is my favorite at the moment...but i usually like my dad better"


1. worst habit: he doesn't like to come when called...unless you have a treat.
2. most embarassing moment: "i went furniture shopping with my mom & dad, and i had to use the bathroom, i tried to tell them but they couldn't take me out in the peed in my travel bag :( i got my blanket and stringy bear dirty...i was embarassed."

3. Family dynamic: dad---> mom ---> ollie.

4. human's favorite thing about you:
mom--i like that he's so playful and fun...he has a great personality :) and i love how he twists up into a "U" shape when he's happy to see someone.
dad--although he'd probably deny it, i think nolan's favorite thing about ollie is that he'll wait up for matter what time nolan comes home, ollie will wake up to greet him.

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  1. cute! i cant believe hes already 5 months!