Monday, July 26, 2010

ollie got back....

ollie loves to sit on anything and everything. the world is his pillow. if you lay down on the floor, you will be his pillow. i think it's hilarious!

a bad, yet funny trait is that he's kinda selfish. we knew early on that he was a toy hoarder when christy found a bunch of toys hidden under his bed when he was staying with her. he puts all his toys in a pile and doesn't like to share. this weekend my dad discovered another funny thing...ollie loves to give kisses, so if you take one of his toys and pretend that you're giving the toys kisses, he'll come running to give you kisses. it's pretty he is in action:
in other news, we got ollie's AKC stuff in the mail on saturday!
Ollie Nakamura-Hee is officially registered. :)

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