Monday, May 2, 2011

swimmy swimmy!

This past weekend's ollie-adventure was kind of a flop. We thought that maybe he would like to go swimming in a pool...but we don't have a pool that will allow dogs, so we went out and bought a little kiddie pool....

i think it was too cold (the water) and too overcast (the weather) for ollie...and not deep enough for him to actually swim.

after drinking a lot of the water he started playing with a little ball and easter egg. (he loves easter eggs!) he tried to pick up the egg as it sank to the bottom of the pool which resulted in him drinking a ton of water and choking. :( poor little guy.

he had more fun running around outside barking at the neighbor's dog.

oh well.
maybe we'll try this one more time on a hot day with warm water...

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