Monday, May 9, 2011

pet expo 2011

this past saturday we took ollie to the pet expo! it was our first experience, and we were extremely overwhelmed. i didn't think it would be THAT crowded (with both people and animals)....i spent most of my time making sure ollie wasn't stepped on...most of the smaller dogs were being carried or in dog-strollers...ollie wanted to be on the ground, sniffing butts with the rest of 'em.

{sorry, i have to start off w/a rant...please skip ahead if you don't wanna read me rant}

our day started off by getting scolded by some rabbit booth lady screaming at us to keep the dogs away from the rabbit, "for obvious reasons!!!" sheesh lady...don't gotta freak out. she ran up to us, scolding us like ollie was a vicious animal barking incessantly at the 20 pound rabbit...ollie just walked up there, not making a peep. you could just {you should!} ask nicely and politely. and in my opinion, i know it was a PET expo, not a DOG expo, but still, if you're going to freak out that a little, calm, and quiet, 4 pounder walked too close to the rabbit cage, when ollie was one of the smallest dogs there, you probably shouldn't bring them to an event where the main attendees are dogs! and you shouldn't put your booth in the front where every single dog is going to walk by, and you probably shouldn't put that huge rabbit on the outer edge of your booth...just sayin'.

she was probably just an overprotective rabbit-parent, but still. ASK NICELY.

back to fun exp re-caps!

there were lots of fun booths, lots of clothes and toys and dog beds...
we didn't buy ollie anything :( i think if i want to actually check out the booths, i'm going to have to go without ollie. He had a ball sniffing buts and meeting other dogs...
and then he saw his girlfriend, peanut! Peanut was not having as much fun as ollie, so we decided to leave and let them play outside...
they both enjoyed that A LOT.

on our way back to the car, we ran into kris and petey!!!
they were on their way in to the expo.

ollie had a great time, i think next year i'll be more prepared and less shocked ;p
and hopefully get to buy something and score more samples!

here's a video of ollie and peanut...hopefully it works...

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  1. Man, if that crazy bunny lady snapped at you about Ollie, imagine if Darwin walked by! hahahah
    people are freaks sometimes!