Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today is Ollie Pollie's first birthday! i can't believe he's 1-year-old already!!! i'm a proud furbaby mama. He's such a ball of fun and fur...i mean hair.

Nolan and I went shopping this weekend for birthday treats for this little guy, and while i wasn't looking he took out his new toy out of the bag...i guess he decided birthday gifts can be opened early....
and in classic ollie fashion, he showed his new love to sock monkey by eating off his eyeballs.

I also got him a little treat to kick off his birthday week. he loves it. it's gone already.
it's only been his bday for 40 min and he could care less. he just wants to go to sleep....
stay tuned for more bday treats!

Happy Birthday Ollie!!!!

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