Wednesday, February 9, 2011

birthday park-ty

as you can see, i found my camera adapter (yay!) so now i can show you all the fun times ollie had at his first birthday park-ty! We went to the Hawaii Kai Dog park and he had a great time with his friends and made some new ones (i hope) as well.

Here he is playing with Dotchi and a new friend, lexi:

the laumadas came, but had to stay on the big-dog side....

kris and ben brought petey!

lori stole spunky for a picture. spunky doesn't like other dogs. when a new dog arrives all the dogs go to greet it, not spunky. no sir, he goes to greet the owners!

here's spunky's mommy!

ollie doesn't understand why karlee & kooper have to stay on the other side.

there's lori with her dog dotchi! he LOVES to play and probably had the most fun out of everyone!

girls on the small dog side!

after a much needed bocha, it was time to open presents!!! ollie loves to open presents, and he's actually really good at it too!

and that concludes ollie's birthday week! he had a great time and is so thankful for all his gifts and for all his friends that came to play with him! :)

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  1. fun birthday! I still can't believe he's one already!