Thursday, February 10, 2011

"pink juice"

ollie went to the vet this morning.

{on a side note, while at the vet we saw a hot dog-dog there that was having problems giving birth...2 puppies came out, the rest were still in her...only 1 of the 2 born was there. it was SO teeny tiny and adorable! it could fit in the palm of your hand}

ollie has always reverse sneezed every now and again, but lately it has become much more frequent, longer, and sounds more watery and congested. so today we took him to the vet just to make sure everything was ok. He's also been having cloudy eye-gunk as well.

As suspected...he has allergies, just like his mama. but nothing too severe that they felt the need to give him any type of medication. BUT he did have a slight temperature, so just to be safe, he was given some antibiotics (that i like to refer to as "pink juice")---which he loves, thank God!

fun stat: ollie weighs 4.25 pounds

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  1. I think Darwin's poops weigh more than Ollie (ok, not really, but JEEZUS he's tiny!). Darwin weighs at least 120lbs more than him! hehehehe