Friday, January 28, 2011

ollie:1, heekamuras:0

right now ollie is probably singing his version of "we are the champions" because in the battle of no-dogs-in-the-bed, ollie won.
that's right folks, ollie beat nolan, he wore him down and ollie has wormed his way to a spot on the bed. after weeks of taking turns sleeping on the couch, just so we both could get a full nights rest minus the 1am and 3am barking fits...nolan gave in. the only stipulation is that ollie sleep in a dog bed, on the bed. WHAT?!?! ollie will not go for that. he likes to be pressed up against someone.

but, i found the PERFECT bed for the situation. the cuddle cup!!! (found it on which is a great site for small dogs.) it is a pretty pricey bed for what it is, but at this point, i think it's well worth it! it feels and looks like a blanket, so ollie will still feel like he's next to us and not in his own bed, and nolan will feel like ollie is in his own bed and not touching our bed--weird, i know.

and thankfully, ollie likes it!!!

1 comment:

  1. Heekamuras! I love it!
    Cuddle Cup! Cute! Imagine if they made a Great Dane sized version! hahaha.