Wednesday, January 19, 2011


ollie LOVES to go play outside by nolan's parent's house. his second favorite activity is to go into all the bedrooms and bathrooms to go by the windows....why? because the house next door has a chihuahua that ollie loves. or hates. or loves to hate. either way he has to check if his "friend" is outside, and if he is, oh the chaos of barking and running to doors/windows/outside walls that ensues is hilarious. i think part of the problem is that there's a big wall between them, and they can barely see eachother. and while ollie is giving off a please-play-with-me bark, the chihuahua's bark seems to be saying "get the hell away from my fence!" bark.
so while the other guy is growling and showing his teeth on one side of the wall, this is ollie:

poor little guy. he just wants to make friends.

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