Wednesday, January 5, 2011

happy new year!

Happy New Year!
I hope everyone had a great new years eve celebration! Ollie did not. hahaha. he is absolutely TERRIFIED of fireworks--more specifically, those illegal ones that sound like bombs. They started going off right around christmas, and is a daily occurrence to this day. The first night ollie heard one, he shook for 3-4 hours! he hid in hallway corners, cupboards, under couches...he just was an unhappy ollie.
i got him a whole arsenal of things to try and help him: rescue remedy (i don't think it did anything), a thundershirt (i'm still wondering about this one...but he likes to wear it), and of course, the vet prescribed tranquilizers. the winner was the tranquilizer, of course. he became very dopey, but he still hid, but his heart didn't race and he didn't shake.
hope your pups didn't have as bad of an experience as ollie pollie!
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  1. Poor Ollie! Maybe you need to wrap the Thundershirt tighter! Our friend's dog was like Ollie with the fireworks. HATED them. They tried tranquilizers but she needed a lot to mellow out. But when we put the thundershirt on her for the 4th of July she was mellowwwww. Hanging out with everyone, not a care in the world.