Tuesday, September 7, 2010

today is the day!

Today is the day!
the day ollie gets neutered!
i dropped off ollie at the vet's office this morning.
they gave me a no-go for taking him home tonight {boo!}...
luckily i had told ollie that he was going to a sleepover. hahahahaha.

i think ollie has a case of small-man complex. he always likes to bark at the big dogs! there he was at the vet, barking at these two dogs well over 50lbs! completely ignoring the little chihuahua and maltese.

{this morning...not a clue what's about to happen...}

speaking of chihuahuas...
please pray/send positive thoughts to ollie's girlfriend, peanut.
she has to have surgery for---honestly, i have no idea, but she's really sick :(


  1. ollie's going to be ball-less! I thought Nolan wanted to breed him?

  2. he did, but i didn't want to, so he caved. hahahaha.