Wednesday, September 8, 2010

life in a cone...

Ollie is home!
i picked him up this morning...the vet's office was bustling with people picking up and dropping off their pooches. Ollie did great, no complications...and he had 4 teeth pulled. {small dogs sometimes don't lose all their baby teeth on their own, so they have to be pulled...ouch!} he no longer has double rows of teeth!
He can't have a bath for 2 weeks, and he has to wear his cone for 2 weeks! poor guy. he can barely fit in his carrier with it on! When i took him back to work, he inhaled his dog food and drank a ton of water, then passed out.
he seems tired, and dare i say, a bit sad...must be missing his manhood! ;p


  1. his cone is so tiny!
    Darwin only wore her cone a couple times. As long as he doesn't try to get to his stitches he should be okay without it. We only put Darwin's cone on when we weren't able to watch her (bedtime or if we weren't home with her).

  2. oh man, ollie is a licker! he's tried to lick so many times already!!! and he's so flexible the cone barely stops him! hahaha.