Friday, September 10, 2010

prayers for peanut

Please pray for peanut...{puppy peanut}

In my earlier post, i mentioned that ollie's girlfriend Peanut was really sick, but i didn't know why. Well....turns out she has something called a liver shunt. you can read about it here. when i did some research, i found out it's very common in yorkies. (freaked me out a little bit). She's going in for her first surgery try to find the shunt/vessel (as you can tell i'm not totally informed on the process). When they find it, she has to have a second surgery to remove or clamp it shut. Such a scary situation, and the cost of these surgeries are huge! makes you re-think pet insurance, right? i'm definitely going to seriously consider it (again).

now pet insurance. Darwin's mommy told me all about it (thank you brooke!), and we were all set to make the purchase but my mom and vet told me we didn't need it....{the vet is my mom's good friend, so you know how that goes...} but when i asked about this type of procedure, i find out that he doesn't do that, and i was referred to another place....SO...if ollie were to need some sort of care that my vet can't provide, i will most likely need insurance....definitely hitting that purchase button this time!

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  1. Poor peanut!
    And I'd do the insurance. You never know what can happen with dogs or how much it could possibly add up. Just this year alone with Darwin's continual "issues" we've racked up at least $5k in vet bills and insurance covered 90% of that! Thank goodness! It's better to be safe and have that coverage on the off chance something happens.