Tuesday, September 21, 2010

new toys!

nolan's parents went on an alaskan cruise recently and brought back some omiyage for ollie. he got a little squeaky toy (he LOVES squeaky toys) made in a more durable fabric...i swear, toys are not made well if a little 3 pounder can tear things open in a day, i don't see how they last w/bigger dogs!!!

he also got a tshirt that he's excited to wear as soon as his cone-of-shame comes off (which is tomorrow!).

he also got a pillow pet to lounge on...which i'm really glad i bought because i also meant to buy this martha stewart dog bed i saw online at petsmart because it was super cute and because it totally matched our condo color scheme! BUT the first bed style i wasn't available online (neither was the toy bin i wanted) AND then the second bed style--which was available online--wouldn't let you pick your color. it said "blue or brown, red or white----let us pick for you"

i.want.the.blue.one. and knowing my luck they'd send me the brown over and over. so....no martha bed...just a pillow pet.

and finally, the toy he picked all on his own...
we had gone to petco before his surgery to buy some pet bath wipes (since he couldn't have a bath for 2 weeks!) to help him stay somewhat clean and smell nice. {they work pretty well, btw}. anyway, we thought we'd get him a new toy while we were there. i can never seem to decide given the vast selection so i was standing in the aisle, going "how bout this one? or this one? or maybe this one? what do you think???" then finally i gave up and decided to let ollie pick one himself. so i held him up and slowly walked him down the aisle and he stopped at this one and stuck his nose on it and wouldn't move. it was pretty funny. i wasn't actually thinking he'd really end up picking one. but he did. this funny looking bunny (that has since undergone 2 toy-surgeries because it's busted open twice already!)

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