Monday, August 2, 2010

ollie's busy saturday!

Ollie had his second trip to the groomers on saturday! You can read about his first visit, here. This time we tried a different groomers, that was recommended by my mom's friend. We figured we'd give it a's always good to have something to compare to! So for Ollie-Groomin-Round 2, we went to:

---FUR LOVE---
2115 Young St.
Honolulu, HI 96826

this is ollie's "before" picture.
he's sitting on his dad's lap...always wants to sit with nolan in the car.

this is his "after" picture:
i think he looks really cute! it wasn't like the last time where i didn't even recognize him when i picked him up....but then again, maybe i'm just used to it now.
When we dropped him off, he was a little scared. all the other dogs flocked to see the new guy. they asked if ollie could play with the other dogs, which i said was fine. in no time he was running around with all the other dogs! we picked him up 2 hours later and found him running around...not scared at all! they told us he had a lot of fun and that he made very good friends with ringo. we couldn't see ringo behind the counter...i don't know what i was expecting, but i certainly wasn't expecting, Krull the warrior king!

it was a chinese crested, and ollie was his best friend for the day!
ollie even made it into the fur love bloggity blog! check it out and see his playmates and pictures of ollie while at the groomers!
i think this will be his go-to groomers. i like that the dogs can play together and he seemed to have a ton of fun...and i loved how his cut came out :) AND he's the softest i've ever felt!

nolan and i had a busy morning so we weren't able to take ollie to play outside before the groomers, so i felt bad that he missed his play time outside, but i didn't want him to go running around, getting all dirty so soon after he came home all clean and smelling so nice! so i took him out to the front steps of nolan's house and let him watch the going-ons of the little dead end road. he loves watching the birds and butterflies fly by, and he loves when the wind blows.
a little later, nolan's aunty brought over he new puppy they just got last week! it's a shihtzu/maltese mix...but i think there must be something else in there as well because the puppy is big! Her name is cinnamon. they had a lot of fun together. ollie ran circles around her and she finally started chasing him, she was pooped.

after all the excitement of saturday, ollie was completely pooped. sunday was a lazy day for him after all the excitement from the day before :)

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