Monday, June 14, 2010

first trip to the groomers

Ollie had his first visit to the groomers on Saturday!
I didn't really know where to go so i just searched yelp...found the #1 rated groomers, which is in walking distance from my workplace :) and decided to just give it a try. turns out my co-worker takes her bischon there too.
Beauty Salon For Doggies
1370 Kapiolani Blvd#104
Honolulu, HI 96814
groomer: Emi
This is what ollie looked like right before we dropped him off...
his hair had gotten so long!

i showed her a picture of what i didn't like...which was the face super short and the body looking like it was shaved....his face still came out pretty short, but still cute! nolan didn't even recognize him when we picked him up. i said "look! there's ollie!" and he's looking at ollie, but saying "where?!?! THAT'S HIM?!?!" it took some getting used to. he doesn't look like a puppy anymore. :(
he had a little bandana on when we picked him up :)
Emi and the other 2 ladies were super nice and sweet...
she said Ollie was really good and quiet and didn't squirm :) (yay!)

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  1. so cute!
    I think he looks younger with his trimmed face.