Wednesday, August 18, 2010

neuter now

the humane society's neuter now program started this week. you can read about it on the humane society's website here. you basically buy a certificate ($125 for male dogs) to receive a discounted rate on the procedure if you go to a participating vet. nolan went to pick up ollie's certificate yesterday. you can pick one up at the humane society or at any satellite city hall.

there's also a $5.00 microchip special going on as well. we were going to take ollie for that too, but decided to wait till he went to get neutered to do everything at once. my friend just took her 20lb black lab to get microchipped, and she called saying she's so glad i decided not to take ollie because the needle was HUGE!


ollie is going in to get neutered next month.
they said he has to stay overnight.

i don't want him to.

there is no one that will be there during the night. they said someone will stay late and come in early, but really...that's a long time to be left alone isn't it better if he just comes home where someone (me) can watch him and where he'll be comfortable and happy?

what do you guys think? am i just being a paranoid/nervous new mom?


  1. where are you taking him? our neighbors dog stayed overnight when she got spayed. darwin didnt though. we dropped her off early in the morning and she was cleared to go home by the time we were done with work.
    i can understand your nerves about leaving him, but it should be ok. just think... you can get a good nights sleep! :)

  2. just came over to your blog from Darwins. Ollie is SO cute!!

    Mom says there is absolutely no reason for a doggie to have to stay overnight for a routine procedure like neutering. Especially when there will be no staff at the hospital to look after him! If she were you, she would request that he come home so that he can be pampered and spoiled by you.

    looking forward to reading more about Ollie's adventures!

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  3. thanks guys! i think i'll ask if i can take him harm in asking right?

    murphydog: thanks for reading my blog!