Tuesday, April 27, 2010

you light up my life...

on the way home from family dinner on sunday we made a pit stop to introduce ollie to my grandma. i have never seen her face light up the way it did when she saw him. her smile was so big and she just looked like a little kid with a new toy. it was so nice to see. she loooved him. my grandma doesn't usually have strong reactions to things, she usually gives a small polite smile and says the usual "thank you" or "that's nice", so to see her smile so big and say things like "he's so cute!!!" and "ollie, do you want to come home with me?" was so so nice.don't worry, she's not choking him. he was really gentle with her and sat nicely in her lap.
i think we're going to have to bring him to her place to visit more often. :)
in other news:
christy informed me that ollie must've licked up some of my hair from the ground and was pooping it out last night. poor ollie! i just called the vet and they said it's not that uncommon and no need to rush him in...but still, poor thing!!! i feel so bad.

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  1. awww grandma and Ollie! too cute!
    Hair eating is common... Happens to Dar sometimes too.
    The joys of puppy parenthood, when every little thing is something you call the vet for. Been there done that!