Monday, April 19, 2010

an interesting night

we had a little smuggle the doggie into the apartment test run this weekend.
we picked ollie up saturday afternoon and he spent the night w/us....
and what an interesting night it was! (more on that later)
we stopped to pick up lunch and went to nolan's parents house so his mom could see ollie. as usual, he just slept almost the entire time there.
the afternoon at the apartment went pretty smoothly...he actually poops and pees on the puppy pad (yay!) and he went back and forth between playing and sleeping. he slept while i took a shower :) then it was bedtime, and then all hell broke loose in our apartment and on our entire floor.
ollie went to sleep around 1am and i got a good hour sleep before nolan calls my cell phone, waking ollie up. and i hear him trying to get over his little baracade. then i hear crying. then i hear BARK! (oh no!!!!) after several tries to sneak back to bed and him barking, i just decided to sit out in the kitchen with him...
along with ollie's 2am barking, our neighbor next door decides should i put it?....go for an evening romp in the hay VERY LOUDLY. maybe i should be thankful for her...enthusiastic sound effects? that it was a distraction from the barking. THEN nolan comes stumbling in at around 330am and while i'm moving ollie from the kitchen to the bathroom then back to the kitchen....some super loud & drunk woman gets off the elevator and starts SINGING very loudly as she walks up and down the hallway! i think she realizes at some point mid song that she's on the wrong floor (hello drunky mcdrunkerson!!!) and gets back in the elevator---thankfully not a minute too soon because nolan was about to go out and start yelling.
all at 330am.
maybe all the excitement tired him out cause ollie was quiet the rest of the night :)

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  1. uh oh! when we were first fostering Darwin and her brother and sisters at my no-pets-allowed apartment, it seemed like that was when they were the loudest... up all night, crying, whining, carrying on. Keep him up as much as you can thru the night before you go to bed, then he'll sleep longer while you're trying to sleep!
    and l.s.p.... loud sex people... oi. Our neighbors upstairs were like that... awful... I thought she was being beat up, but those were just her sex noises. ewww.