Friday, April 30, 2010

shots! shots! shots shots shots!

Ollie had 2 rounds of puppy shots at the same time on wednesday. The vet said he was kind of old (he started his shots late because he was so little) so he gave him both sets at once. poor little ollie was pooped out the rest of the day. but of course, at 1am he decides he's feeling MUCH better and wants to play...nolan slept in the bathroom for most of the night. after that night nolan was skeptical about ollie staying with us until we move into our pet friendly apartment (where he can cry & bark his little heart out)...luckily kelly convinced nolan to let ollie sleep out in the bedroom, and that seems to have solved the nighttime crying! :) (knock on wood)
ollie is still weighing in at 1.5 lbs.
i wonder why he's not gaining any weight?
the vet gave us some different puppy food and some vitamins to give him to see if it would help.
hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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