Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Under the weather

{late post: from wednesday, March 6, 2013}

Ollie hasn't been feeling well the past few days...the vet said it may be colitis :(

Yesterday Ollie had a case of the liquid poops and vomit poor little guy. We took him to the vet where he was given some anti-inflammatory meds and was told to not give him dinner that night...which about killed us when he started asking for his dinner and looking so frustrated when he wasn't given anything...

At about 2am Nolan tried to get Ollie to drink some water (a lot of water was suggested by the vet) then about 3 am Ollie threw up bile...he was starving.

Me being a total softie couldn't stand it anymore and thought 3am was a good time for his medication and breakfast of cottage cheese (also recommended by the vet). He gobbled it up quick and went back to sleep. I tried to stay up in case there was another poop explosion, but luckily there wasn't.

Ollie seems better today but still a little tired and confused why he can't have his normal food.

I hate seeing him sick:(

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