Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dog friendly

Earlier this month Nolan and I went to California to visit Cece...what I noticed was just how dog friendly it is! Fashion island had dogs everywhere! It took a little getting used to seeing big Labradors walking around stores like Neiman Marcus...I loved it!

And even though there were a ton of dogs the place was so clean. So well manicured, no smell, nothing. It looked better maintained than the malls here...that don't allow dogs to walk around.

It made me sad for Ollie. He would love it.

Also at fashion island was a super cute dog store, muttropolis. Right in the middle of the store was a doggy bully bar! Instead of cute jars of candy, there were Kara of all sorts of bully sticks and other chewy items.

Again, Ollie would love it!

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