Saturday, December 15, 2012

November bark box

Ollie's November Bark Box finally came in at the ending of the first week of December. I finally figured out why it takes soooo long for the box to arrive, and why tracking seems to stop and remain idle for about 2 weeks....they sent it parcel post! so for those of us in hawaii....that means our box gets shipped via boat. mystery solved.

this month's box was a bit of a miss for us, there were some good stuff, just not stuff ollie is interested the contents of this month's box included:

1. Bionic Bone: it's kind of like a kong toy where you fill it with treats and let your dog work at getting it out. i haven't given it to him yet, as kong type toys were never his cuppa tea.  (

2. fruitables:  i haven't opened this either as i already know that ollie doesn't care for this type of treat (my mom had previously bought him a bag) so i think i'll give it to my coworker who just got a dog... (

3.  Arcacia Antlers:  this one is cute, it's a mini antler on a it's a chewy toy. ollie didn't seem very interested...sigh. (

4. mr. barksmiths: bully stick. now this he LOVED!!! (thank god!)  (

5. there was also one of those ice cake treats that you freeze and it's a little slushy treat for dogs. ollie has had them before and loves it. the flavor we got was pumpkin...we have yet to try this one.

and there were some coupon codes/gift cards for the bark box app site (which sucked because we got our box AFTER the coupon code expired. boo, that's the one i would've used too) mr. chewy ($10 gift card), ( a pet sitting service), and DogTV (one month free tv? interesting)

sadly, you can only purchase from the barksmith website if you are a retailer buying in bulk :( 

stay tuned for the December box, which came in yesterday (NOT via parcel post!)

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